Right To Represent Agreement

Personal Information

Exclusive Authorization

I hereby agree to abide by TEEMA’s Candidate Code of Conduct. Failure to comply with the standards and expectations set forth in the code of conduct will immediately disqualify me from the above named client’s interview process for the above mentioned role. I also recognize that failing to abide by TEEMA Candidate Code of Conduct can result in TEEMA refusing to represent me on any role going forward.

I hereby authorize TEEMA to submit my resume to the above named client. I attest and confirm that I have not been submitted by any other supplier to this position, nor have I signed or do I intend to sign another Consent Form giving authorization to any other supplier to submit me to the position listed above.

If it is found that I signed another consent form with another supplier for this requisition, this consent and any other consent I have signed will be null and void and will result in being rejected from overall consideration by the above named TEEMA client.