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Consultant Health Benefits


Canadian Consultants

  • Consultant health benefit plans are self-directed. They are managed and paid directly by you to the health provider.
  • If your contract ends with TEEMA, you can still keep your benefits active and pay for them. If you cancel your TEEMA benefit plan, you cannot opt in again, unless however, you land a new contract role through TEEMA.
  • For any specific questions, feel free to reach out to our Benefits broker, John Ash @ Be sure to reference you’re a TEEMA candidate!

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US Consultants

TEEMA offers health benefit plans to those individuals working within our community. These plans are flexible depending on your status as a TEEMA consultant (W2 or 1099). However, if you wish to purchase your own insurance through the state you reside in, you are able to shop around for a plan suitable to you or your family. We’ve provided a few additional links below. Please type in your zip code and date of birth to view benefit options in your area.

Want to find your own health insurance

❱ ACA full coverage ❱ Temporary coverage