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Full Job Description – Youth Care Worker
Job Types: Full-time, Contract
Shifts – Day (7am – 3pm); Evening (3pm – 11pm); Night (11pm – 7 am)
*must work one weekend shift per week

Are you passionate about helping those in your community and making a lasting impact on someone’s life? We are currently seeking a dedicated youth worker who will serve as a positive role model to support, lead, and encourage young people. You will have the chance to form lasting relationships, encourage positive behavior, and design activities to promote overall welfare of participants, all while increasing your knowledge of social work, behavioral studies, and management skills. We believe that personal relationships hold the key to changing behavior, and we place our trust in our passionate team of youth workers. Accelerate your career while doing a job that truly matters, and enjoy the intrinsic rewards of helping people lead better lives.

Job Responsibilities
  • Provide assistance at recreational facilities by enforcing rules, modeling positive behavior, and serving as a friend and mentor for young people.
  • Oversee daily operations of recreation areas including maintaining safety equipment, cleaning facilities, displaying appropriate signage, and operating a computer as necessary.
  • Organize and facilitate recreational activities including games, physical fitness events, arts and crafts, and musical instruction on a daily basis.
  • Encourage people to participate in activities and form healthy relationships by greeting and introducing new members, encouraging group activities, and providing oversight to ensure everyone is treated fairly.
  • Plan and schedule work-related tasks for entire staff including training events and morale-building activities.
  • Assess group dynamics and collaborate with leadership personnel to create activities for desired outcomes such as relationship building, positive social interaction, and improved self-confidence.
  • Complete necessary paperwork including application forms, member profiles, safety audits, incident reports, progress evaluations, and activity assessments as required.
  • Foster collaboration and leadership among participants by adding activities that promote teamwork and encouraging participants to actively pursue responsibility.
Job Skills & Qualifications
  • High school diploma or GED plus willingness to complete on-the-job training
  • Attention to detail and ability to solve problems quickly and responsibly
  • Excellent communication skills in both writing and speaking
  • Must have a driver’s license and pass a background check
  • College degree
  • Previous experience in related field