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Title: Software Architect
Job ID: KB635513922

Our payments industry client is scaling up to support an international client base with their cloud based SAAS product.In this role you would report to the VP Architectureandwill help deliver our unified/enterprise product architecture as well as key performance & scalability roadmap enhancements. You’ll also play a part in pairing, coaching & mentoring teammates. We’re interested to hear from candidates who understand “things”like: 12 Factor Apps, ORM vs an RDBMS optimizer, 3NF, SQL vs NoSQL, OLTP vs OLAP, partition vsshard, primary writes & distributed reads, event streaming, asynchronous queueing & messaging, SMTP, horizontal scalability, high performance batch vs near real-time API, ETL/integration, caching, SLA’s, SSO & federated identity, CI/CD, TDD, to AI or to ML…

Responsibilities - what will you be doing: 
  • Design, develop, and test, product features satisfying business & technical requirements on time on budget.
  • Define & maintain architecture principles, patterns, and standards withparticular attentionto scalable, and high performing design.
  • Triage and correct performance and/or data integrity concerns by reviewing & evaluating code, data patches, system logs, and process/memory/disk consumption utilization.
  • Collaborate with product analysts, customer care, DevOps, and other engineers on featuresandsupport cases, supporting technical decision making, and leading work that affects more and more complex systems and critical areas of our application
  • Critical R&D to help us continue to design for scale and reliability as we grow (and we’re growing)
  • Coach andmentor junior-intermediate engineerson the team and provide guidance to others when possible.
  • Contribute to ourhigh performing delivery culture.
  • You’ve got a University Degree inComputer Science, Engineering, and/or Mathematics
  • And you’ve got at least 7 years in software engineering under your belt. Experience in Ruby/Rails/Sinatra is a big plus.
  • Also having written enterprise scale software in an agile test-driven culture that has shipped to market.You have strong knowledge & practice in a variety of technology spanning, algorithms/data-structures, languages (e.g. Ruby, Java, Python, C#), databases (e.g. MySQL, Postgres, Oracle,SQLServer), operating systems (e.g. Mac, Windows, Solaris/Linux/AIX), and benchmarking tools/techniques
  • You’re able to deliver communications that are clear, concise and effective, both written and verbal to get your ideas across and get buy-in if needed.
  • You’regot excellentorganization skills, work ethic, and passion to deliver on commitments
  • Which means you’re able towork effectively in a team with minimal supervision; having led small teams of technologists/developers/etc.
  • Experience in the Payments Industry and/or PCI/DSS is a strong asset.
Location: Downtown Toronto
Salary/compensation: Flexible depending on experience
Perks & benefits: Excellent

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