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EDI policy

EDI policy

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

TEEMA values and celebrates the diversity that makes each of us unique. Our approach is to foster a culture of recruitment, promotion and professional growth that is unified in a shared commitment to social responsibility. At TEEMA we are fortunate to begin with a diverse team of recruiters, we truly believe this creates an environment where diversity exists as an organic response.

Our People

Our professional, experienced recruiters make up a wide cross section of the cultural mosaic of our world and we are proud that they have chosen to bring their talents to TEEMA.

Equal Opportunities

TEEMA provides equal opportunities for our recruiters and candidates with a commitment to applicable employment laws and a desire to see all achieve their full potential.

We focus our recruiters around bias-free candidate selection that brings several key factors into consideration including objective analysis and a structured review process in order to ensure inclusive shortlists of qualified, viable talent are considered everywhere possible.


TEEMA provides many opportunities to enable staff to develop personally and grow in terms of experience, skills and contributions; ongoing performance reviews provide a regular opportunity to review an individual’s strengths and progress and construct professional development plans.

TEEMA’s relationship with staff that reflect a socially responsible approach include:

  • High levels of consultation that involve employees in decision-making.
  • Competitive levels of remuneration and rewards.
  • Fostering a healthy and safe working environment.
  • The prevention of any form of harassment in the workplace.