C-level executives don’t search for their next job opportunity on their own, just like they don’t cut their own hair.

I thought about that as I sat in my regular barber shop chair getting a trim. The barber could see the back of my head and the front; he knew what style I wanted even without asking; he had a deft hand with the clippers – and if I’d tried to cut my own hair, it would have made for an awkward meeting in the board room later that afternoon (“Brian, uh, is that a new look? Er, you look… nice”).

Technology and a thriving DIY culture is making is easier than ever to self-manage many aspects of our lives, but some functions, like matching talent with opportunity, are still better left to the experts.

Top candidates often just don’t know where the best job opportunities lie, or where danger lies (eg. “Their last CEO that got forced out had an adversarial working relationship with the advisory board, so maybe tone down the ‘take no prisoners’ attitude”). Typically, this understanding only comes from an in-depth understanding of a company that comes from a long-term relationship – an area where recruiters really shine.

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