Meet Jody Carrese
Role: TM  |  Specialty: Tech |  Area: Texas

The 12+ years of staffing industry experience has lead Jody to understand people don't hire resumes, they hire people. She takes the time to understand companies & candidates to find out who they are and what they are looking for, all the while keeping PEOPLE in mind.


Meet Andrea Rishmawi
Role: HY  |  Specialty: Tech  |  Area: Nevada

With an early career history in hospitality & software sales, Andrea found the perfect combination of service and technology. A "connector" & "matchmaker" both professionally and personally , everything fell into place in the path of recruiting.

Meet Angela Helenberger
Role: TM  |  Specialty: Healthcare  |  Area: TX

For the past couple years, Angela has been a pharmaceutical sales representative turned recruiter where she was introduced to the industry and learned the art of recruiting. She's looking forward to helping TEEMA grow within the Healthcare vertical.


Meet Mina Zimmerman
Role: HY  |  Specialty: Healthcare  |  Area: CA

Mina is based in LA and has 10+ years of healthcare experience. After graduating with a degree in health services administration, she began her career in sales with Pfizer Inc and successfully established strong relationships with physicians & teaching institutions.


Meet Lisa Obregon
Role: HY  |  Specialty: Tech  |  Area: Kansas

Lisa Obregon has been in the staffing world for more than 25 years specializing in Information Technology, engineering and everything else under the sun that needed employee fulfillment on a contract or full-time basis.


Meet Julia Povlak
Role: HY  |  Specialty: Tech  |  Area: California

Julia ran a full desk for a contingency recruiting firm for close to 4 years. She helped clients source top talent nationwide and assisted candidates with their job search.  Prior to this I worked at Clearlake Capital Group on the Operations and Financial Reporting team.