Our hearts and prayers go out to the Las Vegas community and to the families and friends that lost their loved one(s) in the tragic incident that took place on the evening of Sunday, October 1st. All TEEMA members were accounted for during this incident but on behalf of all of TEEMA, we send our condolences.

TEEMA Annual Conference

Brian, our CEO, gave a speech the following day, telling his team, "not to let fear hold us back... but to let fear move us forward". Throughout the day, members lent an open ear and a shoulder to lean on for each other. One of the teambuilding initiatives and a way to give back to the community was to have TEEMA members donate blood but unfortunately, officials had no use for our group as the community's ongoing support was tremendous.

Instead, TEEMA members had a friendly top golf competition amongst each other, and we used the quality time to further establish friendships, got to know one another better, relax, and recoup from the stressful events of the previous night. And of course, there were lots of making fun of each other's swings.

However, it's not all fun and games here at TEEMA! On our last conference day, TEEMA was back in session for class as scheduled. Our TEEMA members sat in on a sales training seminar coached by the wonderful Peter Leffkowitz while the TEEMA Back Office team was in another room being coached by the dynamic Trevor Throness on workplace culture and team building.

TEEMA Annual Conference

TEEMA Annual Conference

Despite the tragic event that took place while TEEMA was in town, we believe the event made us stronger while we supported each other and participated in some fun team building activities. For a virtual company, it was an amazing opportunity to put a face to a name (and get some members out of the house!).

We look forward to our next TEEMA conference and can only imagine how big the next one will be!

Thanks for having us, Luxor!

Annual TEEMA Conference
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